Where Will Social Media Users Go in 2016? (Infographic)

Where Will Social Media Users Go in 2016? (Infographic)

For this week’s what works assignment I decided to continue with the social media trend from last week because I really enjoyed reading about it last week. Social media really interests me so instead of doing an article about social media from 2014 like I researched last week I decided to research what social media will look like in 2016. I found an awesome infographic that is really visually appealing and fun.

I clicked on this headline because it drew me in. It is timely. It poses a question that with one simple click can be answered and you don’t even really have to read much you just have to look. I thought the use of infographics were brilliant. Especially for a story like this that is all about data and percentages. Just reading this information dry without the graphics would have been very very boring.

I think to make the story more interesting they could have made the graphics interactive. Perhaps you could enter your age and the graphics would move to show how popular the social media platforms were to your specific age. The nutgraph and the lead in this story were pretty much beside the point due to the emphasis of the infographics but the first paragraph does a good job as a mix between the nutgraph and the lead.

I really enjoyed the graphics here. I think we will see more infographics in 2016 because they are easy to share on social media and because you can just look at them and absorb information. One of the most interesting takeaways to me from the infographics was that facebook users 65+ will increase and users 18-24 will decrease. Seems to me that older people are getting the hang of facebook and the younger crowd is getting bored of it.



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