What Works: Why Women Proposing to Men is Still Rare

Why Women Proposing Is Still Rare

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.02.13 PM.png

Via www.thenytimes.com illustration by Tom Brown

Reading about why women proposing is still rare proved to be a very interesting read. I enjoyed how timely the piece was given that today is leap day. I thought the piece was full and I thought it was interesting the sources they used. Using  doctors and experts to talk about a relationship topic was different. The sources provided deep insight and gave factual information to back up the ideas.

I also liked the headline. It caught my eye and seemed like it would be interesting to read. Today people are constantly trying to challenge society so I thought the subject of the article was a very good story to pursue. Especially in the world of social media engagement announcements and viral engagement videos, I think this story was impactful.

I liked how the story covered a lot of angles. The lead was one of my favorite parts because of the historic research. I loved how the lead let readers know the history of “The Ladies Privilege”. That history I feel like is rarely known by most. I also liked how they included a source of a girl who asked her husband to marry her. This made it real and unique and gave us a positive example.

While the article brought up a lot of interesting takes on women proposing to men and how the traditional practice of men proposing to their girlfriends is not looking like it will change soon I appreciated the insight into the path less taken with women proposing. I too believe it would take something radical to perhaps change people’s views of women proposing to men instead of the other way around. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I wish more women felt like they could ask and it not be weird. I enjoyed the last paragraph that wrapped up the story. It showed readers that a woman can ask and you can still get the fairy tale love story all girls long for. Overall it was a great weekend read. Made me think about society expectation and how women are challenging and accepting society standards.


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