1. Working title for the story:

My First Ole Miss

2. What is the story in one or two sentences?

Capturing the unique and authentic stories of student’s first experiences at Ole Miss.

3. What are the positions and opinions on this issue?


4. Who are the main characters?


5. Where do we see conflict / tension / obstacles / challenges?

In gathering a diverse group of students.

6. Who are the existing “thought leaders” on this issue currently?


7. Who will you interview?


8. Who/What will work best with photographs?

Portraits of the students that show their personality.

9. Who/What work best with audio?

Clear audio.

10. Who/What will work best with video?

Video will work best for this idea. 3 minutes long.

11. What informational material do you have? What hard numbers do you have?


12. Do you have maps, graphs or other visual aids?


13. How will you use social media?

To crowd source my subjects and promote my project.

14. Who is your intended audience?

Ole Miss lovers.

15. Are there any interactive elements I can use?

Story Map or poll.

16. What other websites can you link to?

Ole Miss websites?


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