For Female Sportscasters on the Road, Recognition and Danger

For Female Sportscasters on the Road, Recognition and Danger

I liked this piece because it not only covered Erin Andrew’s story but also introduced us to other females in the same industry who also have been in danger. I think it is an important read for females wanting to go into the broadcast industry as well as women everywhere to always go above and beyond to feel safe at all times.

I enjoyed the sources the most in this story. I liked how open they were on the subject and how they shared some of their scariest moments. It was brave. I like how the story flowed. It showed us a lot of different people’s stories but tied back to the newsworthy Erin Andrew’s part at the end.

I also like how they took something specific and timely like Erin Andrew’s case and opened up the story to let other women have their voices heard. I think it is a side of the industry that doesn’t get a voice and I’m glad the NYT let it out.

I read this story because ever since I was little I wanted to be a sports star. Once I realized I didn’t have the skill I looked into the next best thing telling sport’s stories. For me its not the stats and the x’s and o’s, to me it is the stories off the field or court that I like. How people grew into these amazing athletes when some even had all the odds against them. Those stories are what I fell in love with. I follow a lot of female sports reporters on twitter and I think their mentions are some of the cruelest, grossest I have ever seen. It makes me sad. This story confirmed that those people behind their computers of phones sending the nasty tweets sometimes find a way to inhibit their privacy.

Overall I thought it was a full story that showed how someone’s specific issue is affecting more than just her in the same industry. It was a strong reminder to women everywhere to put their safety and privacy first. In the world of today of social media that makes celebrities so easy to follow it is important to protect yourself. These women work in a male dominated field and these are the issues they face. Although it seems to look perfect on TV, these women are going through more than you think.


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