How To Find Mentors

How To Find Mentors by DARIUS FOROUX

I decided to go on medium because coming back from spring break and diving back into school work I wanted something clean to look at and easy on the eyes as I sit here in the Graduate Cafe off the lobby dreading my upcoming 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Scrolling through my medium feed many thing caught my attention. This is what I like about medium, I always find many things I want to read. Being a second semester senior I am overwhelmed with applying to internships, jobs and trying to contact people who can help me in any way get to where I want to go. Not only do I want to obtain a job or internship I want to LEARN and LISTEN to people who are successful. I want to have meaningful conversations with professionals that will help me better understand my passions and future.

I clicked this because a mentor is something I haven’t really thought about because I have been blinded by only internships or jobs that will get me from point a to point b. By the end of this article I better understood just what a mentor is and how important it is to have a relationship that you can’t list on your resume but can call on when you need advice or have a good idea. I realized how to go about getting approaching one and that I have some around me already that I didn’t consider mentors to me but after reading now I do.

I liked the part when he talked about how you should never be annoying to someone and think you know it all. Talking with people who interview recent college grads the number one thing I hear from them is that the grads think they already know it all and it is frustrating. The truth is we don’t know it all. We are fresh to the scene, we need to listen, watch, observe and learn. We have so much to learn.

Overall, I liked this article a lot. I really did learn something meaningful and it reinstated some things I already believed in. I liked how conversational he was and straight forward. He wrote this article to help others because his mentors mean so much to him. You can tell that by reading it. I am thankful I have teachers at Ole Miss who are willing to share advice and listen to my ideas whenever they are available. These final months at Ole Miss I plan to take advantage of these relationships and exchange meaningful conversations and absorb as much as I can from my teacher/mentors before I leave. 😦



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