When People Google Your Name, What “Brand” Will They See?

When People Google Your Name, What “Brand” Will They See?

I liked this article because I have always been interested in how social media platforms are more than just your accounts, they become apart of you brand whether you wanted to brand yourself or not.

I agreed with the author’s take on the fact that we are all marketers. I thought it was interesting how he said how something is presented is just as important as what is presented. To be relevant your work has to be seen, it has to connect with people.

I also liked how he questioned his readers about when people google you what will they see. It makes me think about how I am presented online. I thought this was a good message for me to hear.

The most interesting take away from this article was the author’s belief the resumes are dead and that if people want to know about you they will google you. By googling you people should be able to see your brand and your work. You also can control what you want people to see. This is where you need to market yourself and use your social media platforms to show who you are.

Overall I thought this article was interesting and I enjoyed the author’s opinion about the power of social media. I have always been interested how brands are now personalities on social media. I feel more informed on this subject. I am thankful to medium for continuing to provide interesting articles about social media to me.


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