Trans Mississippi What Works

I really enjoyed the documentary. It is obvious that Jess has a talent for story telling and found a great story to tell. It was inspiring to see what a student can produce. It is evident she spent a lot of time with her subjects and made sure the story was told the right way.

Right now Trans rights are such a hot topic and I think Jess’s documentary would do really well and people would really respond to it and share it. I can’t imagine all the work Jess had to put into it. I like how the B roll fit perfectly with what the subjects were saying. The editing was incredible and you really feel like you know these people by the end of the story.

I appreciated the way Jess handled her subject’s later refusal to be interviewed once he broke up with his girlfriend. Sometimes even though you want more out of your subject but you have to respect where they are coming from in a hard time.

Jess did a great job. It’s a great piece of work and it inspired me to get better at video which is what I want to do. This story does many great things but what I think is its strongest point is they way it shows how trans people are all people too. Today the media constantly is pointing out who trans people are different from everyone else. This documentary lets you into their minds, lives, homes and relationships. It makes them relatable and connects with the viewers because we all have feelings.  I am excited to see where this project goes and for Jess!


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